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Ready To Finally Meet Your Health Goals?

Most of us always have a health goal or two in mind. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, clear up your skin, or something entirely different, it’s completely human to always be working toward something. Read More

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Why Gratitude is the Secret Sauce to Health

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The Elements of Entrepreneurship #1: Intention

Welcome to The Elements of Entrepreneurship

A guide to the inner and outer work of entrepreneurship

with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine

The inspiration for this blog comes from the belief that the change that needs to take place in this world will come Entrepreneurial endeavors. The human capacity to achieve what we conceive is boundless. Entrepreneurship is born out of the ability to take conscious strategic action. Ideas are only figments of our imagination until we actually take action on them. And the greatest movement forward in our world happens when a human being makes a conscious decision. How this relates to Chinese Medicine can be summed up in one word. Intent. The most fundamental concept of how Chinese Medicine works is the same for how everything gets done. Where the mind goes, the energy flows, where the energy flows the blood follows. It is much the same in the context of building and maintaining a business. With a clear, focused intention, we send our energy in a specific direction, with that focused intent the life blood of a business (community, money, clients, etc.) will follow. With focused, clear intention combined with the Entrepreneurial Spirit, anything is possible. Entrepreneurship is BOTH a personal and professional journey. As Entrepreneurs we ARE our business. Our business is an extension of who we are at the core of our being. The process of building, maintaining and growing a business is inextricable from our own personal growth. It is our intent to help those along this journey reach their personal potential as they build a strong, sustainable entrepreneurial endeavor, with integrity, through the paradigm of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Applying a tool, such as the 5 Elements, which allows us to understand and work with the subtle energies at play in any given situation is eye opening. Throughout this blog we are going to share ways to utilize the 5 Elements, and other aspects of Chinese Medicine, for the different aspects and components of your entrepreneurial endeavor, including: building a support network, conducting an interview, how to maximize the talents of your team, harmonizing interpersonal relationships & MUCH more. Get ready for the ride of your life! Yours in Prosperity & Success, Shannon & Jen

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work

How do you feel about your work? Are you fulfilled and enthusiastic about waking up and going to the office every day, or considering switching careers so you can do work you love? Read More

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How to Find Your Spiritual Side

At Integrative Nutrition, Joshua teaches that spirituality is a vital part of a person's primary food – what sustains you beyond your plate, like your career, relationships, exercise, and spirituality. Read More


Earth Element: Support During Transition

Earth provides the support for all the other elements to function. Seasonal transition is the primary domain of Earth Element in Chinese Medicine. Earth Element is also designated to late Summer/early Fall, a period when all of the Season’s seem to be present at the same time. In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, we would like to share some simple ways to help support you during the transition from the intense activity of Summer’s Fire Element to the more sober, get-down-to business Metal Element energy of Fall.  
  • “Earthing”:  “Earthing” or “Grounding” is the process of reconnecting to the energy of the Earth surface through our feet and is proving to have many health benefits. At the Heart MD Institute, Dr. Sinatra recommends that we “go barefoot for forty minutes outside and see what a difference that makes on your pain or stress level. Sit, stand, or walk on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete − preferably wet, for greater conduction of the Earth’s electrons. These are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s electrons. Wood, asphalt, and vinyl are not conductive.”
  • Mindful Eating: Earth Element governs Stomach and Spleen. Pay closer attention to what and how you eat during this time. Here is a great video of Thich Nhat Hanh discussing the process of mindful eating. For the adventurous, this is a good time for short term fasting and cleanses. Smoothie Feasts are a great alternative to fasting, it gives your system a break and you get tons of nutrients and phytochemicals. Feast on as much blended fruits and vegetables as you like for 1-7 days.
  • Nurture Yourself: Participate in activities make you feel nurtured in mind, body & spirit in whatever form that takes for you. Get a massage. Invite family and friends to dinner. Attend a retreat. Take a vacation from electronics. Curl up on the couch and read a book. Take time for you. Do you have any other suggestions? Share them on our website or FB page.
  • Meditation: Many of you are familiar with the Zen Proverb, “You should sit in meditation every day for twenty minutes, unless you're too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” Earth Element beckons us to sit still and center ourselves. Take what time you can, clear all distractions, set a timer. Relax your body and just breathe naturally. To really connect with Earth energy, bring your focus to the space directly behind your navel and imagine the Earth in that space. Use this image to bring your attention back in line when your thoughts drift. When done, take a moment to journal your experience.
    Much Love, Shannon & Julie   P.S. With every purchase of The Secret Oracle of the Spiritual Orchid inspirational/oracle cards receive free shipping and 1 year membership to  

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How to Actually Get 5 Servings of Vegetables a Day

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