The Elements of Entrepreneurship #1: Intention

Welcome to The Elements of Entrepreneurship

A guide to the inner and outer work of entrepreneurship

with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine

The inspiration for this blog comes from the belief that the change that needs to take place in this world will come Entrepreneurial endeavors. The human capacity to achieve what we conceive is boundless. Entrepreneurship is born out of the ability to take conscious strategic action. Ideas are only figments of our imagination until we actually take action on them. And the greatest movement forward in our world happens when a human being makes a conscious decision. How this relates to Chinese Medicine can be summed up in one word. Intent. The most fundamental concept of how Chinese Medicine works is the same for how everything gets done. Where the mind goes, the energy flows, where the energy flows the blood follows. It is much the same in the context of building and maintaining a business. With a clear, focused intention, we send our energy in a specific direction, with that focused intent the life blood of a business (community, money, clients, etc.) will follow. With focused, clear intention combined with the Entrepreneurial Spirit, anything is possible. Entrepreneurship is BOTH a personal and professional journey. As Entrepreneurs we ARE our business. Our business is an extension of who we are at the core of our being. The process of building, maintaining and growing a business is inextricable from our own personal growth. It is our intent to help those along this journey reach their personal potential as they build a strong, sustainable entrepreneurial endeavor, with integrity, through the paradigm of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Applying a tool, such as the 5 Elements, which allows us to understand and work with the subtle energies at play in any given situation is eye opening. Throughout this blog we are going to share ways to utilize the 5 Elements, and other aspects of Chinese Medicine, for the different aspects and components of your entrepreneurial endeavor, including: building a support network, conducting an interview, how to maximize the talents of your team, harmonizing interpersonal relationships & MUCH more. Get ready for the ride of your life! Yours in Prosperity & Success, Shannon & Jen